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Dear Cathedral Family,

This Sunday we will welcome the Reverend Eric Zubler and his family, as he begins his ministry as clergy assistant to the dean here at Christ Church Cathedral. You will find a brief biography of Eric in Sunday’s bulletin, and I hope that many of you will have the opportunity to meet him in the weeks ahead as he begins his work in pastoral care and planning for Christian formation.

As we find ourselves in the midst of a growing surge of Covid-19 infections due to the Delta variant, we continue to practice extra precaution in our life together. We will continue to wear masks while gathering indoors for worship and hospitality, and communion will be in one kind (bread). Some of you may need to make the decision to refrain from in-person worship for a time, and we will all need to practice understanding and compassion as others make choices differing from our own.

The beginning of the new school year has arrived, with all of its excitement, promise, and challenge. We are mindful of the special concerns the fall of 2021 brings for parents of younger children, and our prayers this Sunday will include special petitions for parents, students, teachers, and administrators.

We are all thankful for the gifts and selfless service of health professionals and hospital workers during this long season of illness and suffering. Most of us can only imagine the fatigue and frustration they live with daily. We will remember them especially in our prayers this week, and at the special request of our bishop, we will include in the Eucharist an acknowledgment of praise and thanksgiving for those in the medical profession who are ministers of healing in our communities.

Please pray for our schools and hospitals, even as we work together to keep our families, loved ones, and community safe and healthy.




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