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We believe that being a church member is the same as being a disciple.
That life in the Episcopal Church cultivates a depth
and commitment to following the way of Christ.
We look to our tradition for ways to live more deeply
into lives of prayer and spiritual practice.

Families faces more challenges in the 21st century than ever, Christ Church Cathedral Church is committed to providing support and resources for children, youth, and parents.  From our loving nursery staff to preparation for the rite of Confirmation, we invest significant attention and resources in this area of our shared life.

Christ Church Cathedral wants to be a place where parents of children from birth until they graduate from high school can find support and resources.  Ongoing information will be available on this page, in our weekly worship notes, and in our publications.


Sign up for the family ministry newsletter here.  

Please explore the links below to learn more about each of these areas.


Please register your child for all Cathedral Children's and Youth activities.  One form will register all of your children for confirmation, to acolyte, for Children’s Choir, and more.  




Nursery—Age 3 and under

Our Nursery is a warm, hospitable place for the youngest members of the Cathedral family. Ms. Shameca Williams is the cornerstone of this ministry, who along with local college students, Tailors Sunday mornings to the needs of those in her care. A curriculum is utilized when children are age appropriate. The nursery is open every Sunday morning from 9:45 a.m. until 11:45 a.m.


Children's Chapel & Sunday School—Age 4 to Grade 3

Students begin with a brief worship experience followed by a lesson from the Workshop Rotation Method.  This intensive Sunday School experience enables students to “go deep” in learning carefully selected stories from the Bible as well as other traditions of the faith.  After 4-6 Sundays children are well acquainted with the selected stories. Lessons are taught appealing to all the senses, auditory, tactile, visual, and even taste, which further enriches the experience. Age groups are divided as needed to enable everyone to learn at their level.   


On the seven Sundays after Rally Day our Rotation Workshop Sunday School will be examining what it means to be a saint in God’s Church.  We will endeavor to answer "What is a saint?" "Who is a saint?" "Do we have any past or present saints here at the Cathedral?"  Using art, song, drama and interaction with our most seasoned members, we will answer those questions.


Communion Preparation

This class is for children who will take communion for the first time. There are two sessions in the Chapel. Parents are invited to attend.

Learn to be Worship—Grades 4-6

This special class is designed to enrich the knowledge of upper elementary age students on what happens at the altars of the Cathedral. We will spend time learning about how and why we use our silver every Sunday, who washes and irons all those lovely white linens, and what it means for us to celebrate the sacraments together.

FUN CLUB—Grades 4-8

Youth come together after worship on Sunday mornings upstairs in the Sunday School room where there are soft drinks, snacks, and other treats. Students enjoy fellowship and conversation with one of our college helpers, or clergy. There is always time for air hockey! We are looking for a new air hockey table. If you have one, please contact Eric+.


Episcopal Youth Community—Grades 7-12

Our EYC, Episcopal Youth in Community, is a loosely organized group of high schoolers who get together for events at the Cathedral and at their individual homes. Swim parties, Sunday lunches out, picnics on the bay and outreach activities are all part of the fun. Mentors and parents serve as sponsors of the group, we are most thankful for their involvement and commitment to our Cathedral youth. 


Please watch our publications to learn of upcoming events and contact The Rev. Eric Zubler if you would like to help out or to be added to our e-list for announcements and reminders.


Affirm—Grades 7 and up

We have been hearing from our confirmed youth that they would like some time together and they miss the confirmation class so one Sunday a month until Lent we will have an Affirm Class for our confirmed youth.  Each class is based on either spirituality, self, or society, and we will read the Gospel of Matthew between classes for discussion when we meet.


Youth Confirmation—Grades 7 and up

for students in grades 7 and up will be held on the Sunday afternoons in Lent--February 18, 25, March, 3, 10, 17, and April 7. Confirmation will be on Sunday, April 14. Sign-up will be in January.



We have been intentional in structuring how we celebrate the milestones in our children's lives within the Cathedral family.  Some of the milestones are new and others have been given guidelines so that we are present for our children and young families as they grow.


The purpose of this milestone is to allow the church to be involved in a helpful and significant way in the life of a family and a newborn from the announcement of the pregnancy through the child’s baptism. 



The purpose of the Worship Readiness milestone is to help children in grade 3 and their families transition the children into the Sunday morning worship service in helpful and meaningful ways that will provide children and families with the tools they need to integrate into the worship service fully. 


This class is for children who will take communion for the first time. There are two sessions in the Chapel on October 1 and 8, 2023.  Parents are invited to attend.


The purpose of this milestone is to engage the 7th graders in the life of the parish in the process of confirmation classes that will ultimately end in the confirmation of the 7th graders on confirmation Sunday when the Bishop has his annual Parochial visit. Register your child by completing the Christian Formation Registration form


The purpose of this milestone is to celebrate and appropriately send off the graduating high school seniors from Christ Church Cathedral.



Adults who are new to the Episcopal Church (or new to Christianity) may wish to attend the Inquirers Class, which may lead to their wishing to be baptized or confirmed.  The Inquirer's Class lead by Dean Gibson will be held during Lent in 2024.  Please email Carolyn Jeffers in the Cathedral office to be added to the class.

Youth Confirmation Class:  Christ Church Cathedral confirms youth in grade 7.  The curriculum is I Will With God's Help.  The next class will begin in Lent 2024.  If you have a youth who would like to join the class, please complete the Christian Formation Registration form.


The Reverend Eric Zubler // email

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