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It is the responsibility of Vestry members to live a daily life reflecting the Christian faith;

to strive to grow spiritually through worship, prayer, and educational opportunities.

Democratic structures are an important part of governance in the Episcopal Church-including vestries. A vestry is a group of lay people elected by the parish to work with the rector to oversee the temporal health of their congregation. A new group of vestry members is elected at each annual congregational meeting (in December).  All communicants of Christ Church Cathedral are eligible to vote.

Christ Church Cathedral is blessed with an active, working Vestry of 18 dedicated parishioners who give generously of their time and talent. Our Vestry includes people with a variety of skills and backgrounds, ages, and length of time as members of the Cathedral family. Some are lifelong Episcopalians. Others are relatively new to the Episcopal Church.

The Vestry meets after worship once a month. Each meeting contains presentations about and discussion of various areas of parish life.  Visitors are welcome to attend any meeting, except when the Vestry is in executive session.

To communicate with the Vestry, you may contact any member individually by phone or in person.

Prior to our parish meetings we will link the agenda here when it is available.  Another parish meeting takes place in January. The purpose of the meeting is to review the annual budget. Here is a copy of the agenda of the January 30, 2022, meeting.  

The duties of the Vestry, and their election, are discussed in the Constitution and Canons of Christ Church Cathedral and the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast.




Sunday, December 4 Immediately following worship in the Chapter House

Announcing the Nominees for the Vestry class of 2025:
Margaret (Molly) Englemeier Bolt

Molly is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was raised Presbyterian, attending Bower Hill Community Church. Molly met Weathers in 2005 at Emory University in Atlanta, where they were on the swim team together. After moving to Mobile in 2012, Molly and Weathers began to search for a new home church. They were thrilled to choose Christ Church and Molly was confirmed at Christ Church in 2017. Both of their children, Willa (6) and Wright (3) were baptized at Christ Church, as well. Molly serves as a member of the Children’s and Youth Committee and helps lead Children’s Chapel often. Molly received a BA in Art History from Emory University and an M.Ed in Elementary Education from Vanderbilt University. She works as a second grade teacher at St. Paul’s Episcopal School. Molly is looking forward to serving on the vestry and expanding her contributions to Christ Church Cathedral. 


Alton (Tony) Rives Brown III

Tony was born at Fort Benning, Georgia and moved from Tuscaloosa to Mobile in 1954. He grew up in the Methodist Church fulfilling many youth rolls at St. Mark United Methodist. Following his marriage to Toni Goubil Brown he ultimately landed at Church of The Redeemer in west Mobile. After many years of attendance Tony was received by Bishop Duval in 1999. In 2000, Tony and Toni began attending Christ Church, ultimately moving their church letter in January 23, 2002. Shortly thereafter he became a member of the Vestry and Cathedral Chapter (Class of 2007). In addition to serving on the Vestry, Tony currently serves as lay reader and usher, as well as other roles when called upon. Tony attended the University of Alabama and graduated from the University of South Alabama with a Bachelors and Master’s Degree in American History. Tony is a commercial real estate broker and asset manager. He and Toni have two children, both married and living in the greater Mobile area.  He looks forward to again serving on the Vestry as he would like to see Christ Church Cathedral take advantage of its long history in the city of Mobile.


Richard Mark Gaal

Richard and his wife Terri were confirmed at Christ Church Cathedral by Bishop Kendrick earlier this year.  Working downtown, Richard visited Christ Church for many years on Good Fridays, Ash Wednesdays, and participated in Lenten studies and meditations.  After years of being invited to attend and join Christ Church by Richard’s dear friend Happy Henson, Richard and Terri started regularly attending Christ Church; their Confirmation was a very happy and joyful event for them. Prior to joining Christ Church, Richard attended Spring Hill Baptist Church for twenty-five years, serving as a Deacon and leading in governance.  Richard has served on the boards of many local charities; he served as Chancellor to St. Luke’s Episcopal School for many years. Richard and Terri have three boys, Edward, John, and Thomas, who graduated from St. Paul’s Episcopal School and are now in college. Richard looks forward to serving Christ Church in gratitude for the love and warmth the people of Christ Church have shown to Terri and him.


Lewis Hamilton Golden

Lewis was born in Greenville, Mississippi and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. He attended St. Philips Episcopal Church in Jackson and was confirmed at Christ Church, Tuscaloosa while in college. After college he lived briefly in Nashville and transferred here from Christ Church Cathedral, Nashville in 2008. Lewis and Adrienne were married at Christ Church Cathedral in 2013. They have two young children, Mary Lindsley (5) and Anne Hamilton (2), both of whom were baptized as infants at Christ Church Cathedral. He is a graduate of the University of Alabama and works in commercial real estate sales and property management with Hamilton & Company and Rangeline Storage. Lewis decided on Christ Church Cathedral because of the great architecture, history and music. Lewis previously served on the Vestry (Class of 2016) and is honored to be asked to serve again. Lewis has also served as an usher, member of the newly-formed Cathedral Gardening group and participant in the “Young” Adults Supper Club. He welcomes the opportunity to continue to contribute time and energy toward improving our church and community.

Tray Weatherington Hamil

After marrying life-long Episcopalian, Jubal Hamil, Tray transferred to Christ Church in 2002 and was confirmed soon after.  Taken under the wing of Delores Drane and Gladys Moss, Tray began to learn the value of the Episcopal Church traditions and look forward to the future of growth at Christ Church.  Tray became active in Morning Circle at the invitation by Delores Drane, prepared Lenten and Advent lunches under the tutelage of Elizabeth Harrison, Judy Henson, and Anne Gailliard, and joined the Flower Guild partnering with Bess Marks and Mary Jene Kayser. Tray has also served as a lay reader, taught confirmation and Sunday school classes, and serves on a hospitality team and the Garden Guild.   Mother to, not one, but two baby Jesus’ and an almost Mary, all three of Tray’s children were baptized and raised at Christ Church Cathedral. Her sons Lawson and Walt have been confirmed here, and they and Lally serve as acolytes. Tray is honored to serve on the vestry and help play a role in ensuring the growth of Christ Church Cathedral.

Robert Willis Israel

Bob was born Presbyterian, grew up Methodist, and finally found his home in the Episcopal Church after marrying Cammie Dunson who was a cradle Episcopalian.  He was confirmed at Christ Church and has been a member here since the early 1990s with a brief period of exile to All Saints during the unpleasantness.  Cammie and Bob returned home to Christ Church in 2004 and have been here since.  He has served on the Vestry previously and Finance committee and loves Christ Church Cathedral.  He serves as a lay reader and chalice bearer and tries to say yes to as many requests from the church as possible, even when his skills lie in another direction.  

He would like to see our church continue to grow as the anchor of downtown spirituality and wants us to continue to cultivate more youth and young couple programs.  He is very partial to the music program and the organ and would like to see continued growth there.  On the financial front things are ever so much better than they were two decades ago, but he says it  would be good to continue to grow our funds to allow for unforeseen emergencies like roofs, air conditioners, etc. so that will be something he will hope to see continuing to improve.

Christ Church has become the primary and particular conduit  for he and Cammie's spiritual life.   All other pursuits stem from this and all the above serves that.  Bob would be honored to serve on the vestry again.   

Announcing the Nominees for Delegates to the Diocesan Convention:

Harwell Ellis Coale, Jr. (2020)

Jill Showers Chow  (2023)

Jubal L. Hamil (2021)

Carolyn S. Jeffers  (2019)

Henry R. Seawell  (2022)

Wathers Bolt (alternate)


We also give thanks for the thoughtful work of our Nominating Committee:
The Vestry Nominating Committee is made up of the five retiring Vestry members and five are appointed by the Dean.

John N. Ferguson, Christopher G. Hume III, Leslie P. Ladd, Margaret R. Mattei, William E. Skinner,

Virginia M. Behlen, Thomas F. Garth, Lucy R. Harrison, Robison C. McClure, Jr., Leigh J. Rendfrey




Leslie Patrick Ladd
Senior Warden


William E. Skinner

T Bragg Van Antwerp, junior
Junior Wardens

William Kennon Drew

Harwell Ellis Coale, Jr.

Ronald Albert Snider


Serving until February 2023

John N. Ferguson
Christopher G. Hume III
Leslie P. Ladd
Margaret R. Mattei
William E. Skinner

Serving until February 2024

Allison D. Gamble
Megan O. McCall
John S. McClelland, Jr.
Frederick I. Rendfrey
Lara S. Sherer
Leigh R. Taylor


Serving until February 2025

Carl G. Cunningham, Jr.
Alison S. Mitchell
Kristyn S. Seawell
Lucy Pryor B. Slaton
Bragg Van Antwerp
Lucy R. Wright
David Quittmeyer, 2024
Trinity, Mobile
The Rev. De Freeman, 2023
St. James’, Fairhope
Phyllis Findley, 2025
St. Andrew’s, Mobile
  • To be a confirmed communicant of Christ Church Cathedral, 18 years of age or older.

  • To demonstrate meaningful and sacrificial financial support of the church, including making and fulfilling an annual pledge of support; to consider that Christ Church Cathedral Vestry upholds the tithe as the standard of giving; to encourage the parish to consider proportionate giving; and to work personally toward the tithe.



  • To live a daily life reflecting the Christian faith; to strive to grow spiritually through worship, prayer, and      educational opportunities.

  • To participate faithfully in the worship of the church.

  • To attend vestry and chapter meetings and retreats.

  • To work for unity among the clergy, vestry and congregation through open

       communication; to accept the position of vestry member as an opportunity to serve our Lord.

  • To demonstrate meaningful and sacrificial financial support of the church including making and fulfilling an annual pledge of support; to consider that the Christ Church Cathedral vestry upholds the tithe as the standard of giving and encourages the parish to consider proportionate giving; and to be working toward the tithe.

  • To accept the role of  leadership, work diligently and congenially at assigned tasks, and seek out ways  to

        improve the Cathedral Church including:

        1.     To make new and regular members and visitors feel welcome through personal greetings, visits, and an

                invitation to participate in activities of interest to them, and

        2.     To encourage all members of the congregation to become a part of activities and ministries of the church and to attend  parish                            meetings.

Resolution of  Christ Church Cathedral Vestry

approved on October 10, 2005

  • To be a confirmed communicant of Christ Church Cathedral, 18 years of age or older.

  • To demonstrate meaningful and sacrificial financial support of the church, including making and fulfilling an annual pledge of support; to consider that Christ Church Cathedral Vestry upholds the tithe as the standard of giving; to encourage the parish to consider proportionate giving; and to work personally toward the tithe.

 Resolution to Christ Church Cathedral Vestry approved on October 10, 2005.

  • Rather than electing a new slate of five (5) persons to serve in this capacity each year, the terms of service will be staggered among the delegates. One (1) person will be elected each year to rotate onto our delegation for a 5-year term. This will allow for both continuity of experience and service within the delegation, while allowing more people to participate in this important ministry.

 Resolution to Christ Church Cathedral Vestry approved on November 20, 2011.



Section 1. The Vestry shall consist of such number of Communicants entitled to vote in Parish Meetings, not less than three (3) nor more than thirty (30), as shall be determined by the Congregation. The election of Vestry members shall be held at a Parish Meeting and this election shall insure adequate representation for the Parish and adequate qualifications for those elected.

Section 2. It shall be the duty of the Vestry to take charge of the temporal concerns of the parish. It shall elect a rector. Upon selection by the rector, and with the concurrence of the Vestry, curates may be called. Curates and all other staff and employees shall serve under the authority and direction and at the pleasure of the rector. It shall keep order in the church during Divine Service and work with the clergy for the furtherance of the Church's program. The Vestry shall be responsible for seeing that reports and registers required by the Canons are kept in order. All reports to be sent in to the Diocese shall be the responsibility of the Vestry and Rector working together.

Section 3. The officers of the Vestry shall include a Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Clerk, Treasurer, and any other offices as they may become necessary. The Clerk and Treasurer may be members of the Vestry but are not required to be.

Section 4. The Rector shall preside over and conduct the Vestry meetings which shall be held a minimum of once a quarter. In the absence of the Rector, the Senior Warden or if the Senior Warden be not present then the Junior Warden, shall conduct the Vestry meetings.

Section 5. The Rector may cast a vote when the Rector’s vote will affect the outcome.

Section 6. The Vestry shall report to the Annual Parish Meeting each year on its activities from the previous year.

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