Sustain us, O Lord, in your Holy Spirit.  Give us inquiring and discerning hearts,

the courage to will and to persevere, a spirit to know and love you,

and the gift of joy and wonder in all your works.      

                                                       Book of Common Prayer, page 308


Stewardship is caring for people.  The individuals, families, youth and children in the Cathedral Family are gifts in our care, and we are accountable before God for them.  Beyond their safety and the programs we provide for them, we must also consider the time, the things, and the spaces they need.  At Christ Church Cathedral, stewardship is part of how we open our spiritual home to Mobile, to our diocese, and the world. 

Make a Pledge

Our work as Christ Church Cathedral is made possible by people who make an annual pledge to sustain the church with a financial gift throughout the year. One-time gifts are important and always welcome, but annual pledges determine the breadth and depth of our ministries in any given year.

If you give to Christ Church Cathedral but do not fill out a pledge card or online pledge form, please know that we appreciate your generosity. Unless you fill out a pledge form or card, however, the vestry is not able to make plans for our ministries.

Why We Give

The size of the gift is not what matters, but giving in proportion to what we have. The Bible teaches a standard called the “tithe,” which means “one tenth.” The members of the Cathedral vestry have adopted the tithe as their own personal standard of giving. 

Choose a percentage of your income to pledge to Christ Church Cathedral. If your circumstances change during the year, you can always adjust the amount of your pledge. 

The intention behind presenting this information is not to focus on money to the exclusion

of the primarily spiritual nature of tithing—returning to God in gratitude a first portion

of what we have been given. Rather, this is meant to be a transparent account of the Cathedral’s stewardship of the gifts we have been given. 

We hope this information gives an idea of how pledges and other gifts are handled and of what it takes for us to do the things we do to carry out our mission.

Understanding Funding

Day-to-day funding comes from the operating account.  Even though it has been a goal of the finance committee to increase funding from other sources, 89.7% of the operating budget comes from pledges.  Based on anticipated income for 2020, pledges have only increased by $ 70,177 over the past 5 years, or an average total pledge increase of $ 14,035 annually.

Funds other than operating are restricted to the uses for which they were given.

About Stewardship

How do I pledge?

Pledging is easy: simply fill out a pledge card or go online.  Payments may be made in weekly or monthly installments, or paid in full when you submit your pledge.  No gift is too small to participate.

Cathedral Stewardship

About 168 households participate, lovingly contributing approximately $800,000 to the annual budget.  63% of our 266 families make an annual pledge.

Why Pledging matters

A stewardship pledge is unique from other gifts in that it is a spiritual practice and a practical way to support the Cathedral Family.  When you pledge, you become a part of our warm and loving congregation—part of the Cathedral Family, with a role in service, governance, and spiritual care of our community and diocese.

Make a payment on your pledge

If you wish to make a payment on your pledge, please follow this link.


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