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A Message from the Dean

We walk by faith, not by sight—this powerful message from Paul to the Church in Corinth speaks directly to us.  The phrase challenges and encourages us to engage our faith first, as we live forward into a rapidly changing world.

Stewardship is a foundational piece of who we are as The Body of Christ. Stewardship is sharing God’s mission with a faithful and trusting heart, engaging with our community, prayerfully responding to God’s call and the needs of the world.

2020 has been a year of challenge and growth in how we live and worship together as the Body of Christ while being often apart physically.  Our ministries have been transformed in exciting ways that hold great promise for the future of Christ Church Cathedral.  I am honored to lead during this unique time of God, and I am thankful every day for each of you.

Video Messages from The Cathedral Family

A Video Message from Jeff and Linda Grill

A Video Message from Fred and Leigh Rendfrey

A Video Message from Pat Burchfield

Make a Pledge

We welcome you as a part of the Cathedral Family.  We hope our work is helpful in your life during this challenging year.  Our work as Christ Church Cathedral is made possible by people who make an annual pledge to sustain the church with a financial gift throughout the year.  One-time gifts are important and always welcome, but annual pledges determine the breadth and depth of our ministries in any given year.  If you give to Christ Church Cathedral but do not fill out a pledge card or online pledge form, please know that we appreciate your generosity.  Only when you fill out a pledge form or card is the vestry able to make plans for our ministries.


How Your Stewardship Helped Us Through the Extraordinary 2020*

We were only ten weeks into fiscal year 2020 when all non-essential businesses were shut down due to the novel coronavirus. 

*We are thankful for Brenda Stanton, Financial Secretary, who applied for and received both the Federal Paycheck Protection Program and the State of Alabama Coronavirus Grant, and who maintained the records necessary for reconciliation. 

When the Pandemic Began, How Did We Respond?
  • We hired a team who could live-stream services beginning immediately.
  • We developed a website that brings worship, service, and formation to our Cathedral Family and the community.
  • We developed a regular email schedule to bring the latest news to your smart devices.
  • Dean Gibson began a weekly blog.
  • We video the weekly Children’s Chapel worship for our youngest members.
  • We are sponsoring the MOB Pacers through our Baptized for Life initiative.
  • Our Children’s and Youth Team has planned a monthly activity or event for our children and youth.
  • When it was safe, we developed in-person worship protocols and purchased all of the necessary materials to keep everyone safe and healthy.
  • When it was safe, we developed protocols for opening a safe in-person nursery.
  • We will hold our first virtual Parish Meeting.
  • Our leadership continued to meet regularly via Zoom and to support our clergy and staff.
What Did It Cost?

We did receive Paycheck Protection Program Funds           $ 79,300.00

PPP funds helped us through a period of low revenue without having to borrow money.

75% of PPP monies ($59,475) was required to be used for payroll

This is how we used the PPP funds:

Payroll (April 15-June 1)**

Pension (April and May)

Health insurance (April and May)

Utilities (April and May)

Equipment lease (April and May)

Interest payments

A Message from Liz and John Ferguson, our Annual Giving Co-Chairs


Dear Cathedral Family and Friends,


When Liz and I agreed to chair the stewardship campaign for 2021, we were excited to accept a unique challenge.  For many of us 2020 has been one of the most challenging and difficult years in our lifetimes.  Never before have we been called truly to live in response to our faith, not in reaction to the world around us.  Every day, if we listen, we hear wonderful stories of resilience, coming together, and connection brought on by a slowing of every day life.

Stewardship is defined as “the job of supervising or taking care of something, such as an organization or property”.  More than that, stewardship is an ethic that embodies the responsible planning and management of resources.  As we enter Christ Church Cathedral’s 2021 stewardship campaign, we encourage each other to “walk by faith, not by sight” and examine the ways in which we can personally be good and faithful stewards of Christ Church Cathedral.

Stewardship at Christ Church Cathedral will look and feel different this year as we continue to adapt to the changing landscape.  This year in our stewardship time you will hear personal stories via video about what Christ Church means to members of the Cathedral Family.

Beverly and our team at Christ Church Cathedral have adapted beautifully to the changing landscape and delivered a wide range of worship, outreach, and programming.  The church needs our continued financial support in order to meet the demands of an ever changing world around us.

This year we ask that you take some time to reflect on your commitment to stewardship.  If you have not made a pledge please consider doing so in 2021.  If you have made a pledge in the past, please consider increasing your pledge.  If you give regularly, please consider turning those gifts into a pledge.

Your pledge and commitment to the church has never been more important.

Thanks for all you do to live your faith and to support the church that we love and hold so dear.


John and Liz

 A Video Message from Liz and John