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For generations, members of Christ Church Cathedral have offered

thanks for the faithfulness and fellowship they have found in this congregation.

By remembering the church "at the end of their days," they have sustained us.

Memorial Gifts

When a loved one dies, many choose to make a memorial gift to Christ Church Cathedral in memory of that person.  All memorial gifts to the church are placed in an investment fund.

Thus, all memorial gifts, large or small, produce income in perpetuity for Christ Church Cathedral. Just as we know that those who have died still support us in our earthly journey as “a great cloud of witnesses,” so the gifts given in their memory and through their legacy continue to support our church’s ministries, generation after generation.

The Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund provides a permanent source of supplemental funding in support of Christ Church Cathedral’s ongoing mission and vision.  The funding will provide a mechanism through which financial resources can be allocated for worthwhile programs and services that are consistent with Christ Church Cathedral’s ministry, its strategic plan and other long-term initiatives.  The Endowment Fund is managed by a 5-member Endowment Committee.

Planned Gifts

Planned giving is a way that each of us can make a final tithe, a return to God of some portion of all that God has given to us. The practice of planned giving encourages us to look beyond our monthly budget and our annual pledge to consider the gifts we will make to the church when our need for worldly assets is done.  For many of us, our final gifts will be the most significant gifts we will ever make. We hope that you consider this church as your legacy—a blessing in your life, and one that you will gratefully pass along.

We recommend that you consult with your financial advisor to determine the most advantageous charitable estate plan for you.

Gift in Your Will
One of the simplest ways to remember Christ Church Cathedral in your planned giving is through a bequest in your will.  Almost any kind of gift you might leave to a family member or beloved friend—gifts of cash, stocks, mutual funds, life insurance, retirement funds, annuities and trusts—may also be left to the church.  By making a will, you help provide for the people and places who mean the most to you.

Gift of Assets
Life insurance policies, retirement accounts, savings accounts and other assets are also potential avenues of providing for the church.  You may name the church as a contingent beneficiary of an existing policy, or you may purchase a new policy and designate the church as the owner and beneficiary.  You may also designate the church as a beneficiary of your retirement plan or Individual Retirement Account (IRA). And if you have savings accounts, annuities or certificates of deposit, you might consider naming the church as beneficiary when assets are released after your death.  

Life Income Gifts
There are a number of ways you can make a gift to Christ Church Cathedral and provide income for yourself or a family member at the same time.

A Charitable Gift Annuity is a contractual agreement in which you or a beneficiary will be paid a fixed payment for life in exchange for your irrevocable gifts of cash, securities or other assets to Christ Church Cathedral.

A Charitable Remainder Trust is an irrevocable trust in which you or a beneficiary will be paid either a fixed or variable payment for life or a certain number of years in exchange for your irrevocable gifts, after which the remaining assets pass to Christ Church Cathedral.

In a Pooled Income Fund, your gifts are pooled with others and invested in a professionally managed portfolio. You or your beneficiary receive a guaranteed, lifetime income based on your share of the pool. The church would receive any assets remaining following your death or the death of the beneficiary.

The Legacy Society
Christ Church Cathedral established the Legacy Society to recognize and thank all members and friends who have remembered the church in their planned giving. We invite you to become part of this expanding circle of generous and caring individuals who have made a commitment to the future of our cathedral.

Any gift or bequest you have made to the cathedral through your estate planning or planned giving qualifies you for immediate membership in the Legacy Society. If you have made such a gift or bequest, please let us know.  We honor the members of the Legacy Society each year on All Saints' Sunday.  Planned gifts through bequests are normally placed in the Endowment Fund.  Income from the Endowment Fund supports the many ministries of Christ Church Cathedral, using a formula designed to provide a maximum stream of income for those ministries, while preserving or growing the corpus of the fund. Gifts can be made in life, by bequest or on a deferred basis. Careful planned giving can offer significant benefits to the donor, as well as to the church.

Capital Needs

Thank you to everyone who made a gift or pledge to or building strategic plan, Restore, Renew, Reimagine.  Phase II is almost complete, and plans for Phase III are in the works. 

For more on the Building Strategic Plan and the Capital Campaign click here.  

The Columbarium

The columbarium at Christ Church Cathedral will be completed at the end of Phase II of our building strategic plan, in early 2020.  It is intended as a place of tranquility, peace and natural beauty.  Cremated remains of members of the parish and their families may be interred in the garden.  Ashes are either placed in niches or buried directly into the ground.  

Arrangements for the interment of ashes in the columbarium

and garden are made through consultation with the Dean.


If you have questions, please contact Brenda Stanton.


Memorial Flowers

Gifts of altar flowers may be given in memory of someone who has died or in thanksgiving for an occasion or celebration.  Altar flower are acknowledged in the service bulletin on the weekend of their placement.  Designations cost $75.  Please email the Cathedral Office to make a gift of altar flowers.  

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The Cathedral Foundation 

The ministry of Christ Church Cathedral to the diocese includes diaconate ordinations, acolyte and choir festivals, and hosting diocesan clergy.  This ministry if funded by the Cathedral Family and by funds distributed from the Cathedral Foundation.  Make a donation to the Cathedral Foundation here.

The purposes of the Cathedral Foundation are based on the cathedral mission statement


To participate in the cathedral’s role as a visible symbol of unity for the diocese and for the wider church.


To support the cathedral as the pastoral center of the Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast.


To support educational programs that will provide training for all facets of parish life.


To support the cathedral as it models new concepts and ideas for evangelism and outreach.


To support the cathedral as a liturgical center for the worship life of the diocese.


Once achieved, the basis of the fund must remain at or above $250,000.  The funds are distributed after December 31, and are only distributed upon the approval of the Trustees.

Mission adopted by the

Convention of the Episcopal Diocese

of the Central Gulf Coast in February 2004

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