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Dear Cathedral Friends and Family,

I pray that you all have weathered this last storm, Zeta, without too much damage and that if you don’t yet have power you soon will. All is well at the cathedral campus, with only small debris on the grounds. All should be clear and clean by Sunday.

The beautiful fall weather that is following the storm should give us a glorious day for All Saints’ Sunday. We will welcome our first musical guests of the season this Sunday, so that even in our presently restricted worship there will be a special element of celebration.

We continue to take small steps in our in-person gathering opportunities. Our nursery will re-open this Sunday, with new precautions and protocols, which were emailed earlier this week. And, we will enjoy some time to gather outside in the courtyard for very light refreshments following Sunday’s service.

Our annual stewardship season will take place in the month of November, under the leadership of chairs Liz and John Ferguson, who have chosen the theme “We Walk By Faith.” This phrase from 2 Corinthians 5 is part of Paul’s expression of confidence in God’s presence, even in the midst of trials and uncertainties. Especially then, Paul writes, we strive to be pleasing to God in our faithfulness. Be on the lookout for videos and other communications about our stewardship together at Christ Church Cathedral.

This Sunday we will give thank for those saints who have gone before us in the church, and we will commit ourselves to the responsibilities of our season here. One of the marks of sainthood is self-giving. I am thankful for the self-giving of so many of you during this extraordinary time of God, as I look forward to the next stages of our journey together.




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