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Healing is not a Spectator Sport

Dear Cathedral Family,

Healing, in Jesus’ ministry and in our own lives, is not a spectator sport. It requires active desire and participation from the one who would be healed.

This Sunday we will read Luke’s account of the healing of ten lepers while he is passing through the borderlands between Samaria and Galilee. They see Jesus, approach him, and call out to him for help. When he tells them what to do, they go and do it, and then they are healed. Only one, Luke tells us, comes back to Jesus to praise God and give thanks. He is the one to whom Jesus says, “your faith has made you well.”

This is a story not only of healing and gratitude, but also of action and connection. People who are suffering and estranged from their community bring themselves to Jesus and ask him for what they need. First, they connect with him. Then, as a result, they are given the gift of reconnection with their families and friends.

The long ongoing pandemic resulted in so many people becoming disconnected from their wider community and friends, and in this emerging time many are struggling with anxiety and doubt and having difficulty overcoming the pervasive sense of separation from others in our culture.

The gospel speaks directly to us this Sunday, showing us the way to being co-participants in healing what ails us. First, we must come to Jesus and ask.




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