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Dear Cathedral Family,

God’s power to heal and bring new life, even out of death, is shown in Jesus’ actions in this Sunday’s gospel reading from Mark. The power emanating from Jesus inspires the unnamed suffering woman to reach out to touch him and be healed. Jesus challenges Jairus to extend himself in a similar way on behalf of his dying daughter. These stories demonstrate the ways, often quite simple and small, that Jesus shows us how to participate with him in healing and building a better, healthier world.

Members of the Cathedral Family did just this by participating in Be Loved Mobile, especially in the Laundry Love preparation that took place here at the Cathedral last Monday evening. Meaningful change in life comes through the accumulation and compounding of small actions: simple conversations over shared work on life’s necessities, like doing laundry; smiles and kind gestures like handing out a sandwich and a bottle of cold water on a hot day downtown; sharing laughter and popcorn while watching a movie with people new to you.

Although such things may not appear to change the huge issues confronting our world, they begin and continue the dynamic process of transforming hearts and minds that leads to meaningful healing and change. The more we engage with our community in these small ways, the more we can see and be God’s love at work in the world.




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