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Collective Effervescence

Dear Cathedral Family,

Wonderful melodies and images linger in our hearts this week after last Sunday’s “collective effervescence” in the Festival Eucharist celebration of Black History Month. In this week’s notes you will find details about the participants and the funds raised for the Mobile Kappa League. I am thankful for the loving service and generosity of so many of you and for the continuing blessing of our relationship with the young men of the Kappa League.

Our prayers this week have been drawn to the people of Turkey and Syria in their suffering following the devastating recent earthquakes. You will find a link in this email and on our website to give in support of rescue and relief efforts through Episcopal Relief and Development’s regional partners. Your help is also still welcome in the long-term rebuilding efforts in near-by Selma, Alabama, and our website also includes information about how to direct funds there.

Our personal and hands-on service is important, not only for the good of the human community, but also for our own formation and flourishing and for building strong relationships with others. In some instances, our most helpful resource is financial, supporting the larger work and specific skills of those who can do the things that need to be done.

God gifts human beings with power to share in the work of creation and care, and it is both obedience and blessing when we use that power for the greater good.




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