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A Moment of Spectacular Power

Dear Cathedral Family,

As the last Sunday of Pre-Lent (Carnival), this Sunday has many names: Quinquagesima (50 days before Easter), Shrove Sunday, Pork Sunday, Sunday next before Lent, Last Epiphany—or, uniquely here in Mobile, Joe Cain Sunday. Things are heating up!

The excitement is palpable this year here in downtown Mobile, after a period of pent-up Mardi Gras energy during the pandemic. Those of you who will be attending church this Sunday in person will probably need one the parking passes that we have made available over the last month. Parking will be on the street. We will worship this Sunday and then move quickly on to our next destinations for the day. I hope you all have a fun and safe Mardi Gras celebration, whatever form yours may take.

This could also be called “Transfiguration Sunday,” as our gospel text is always the story of the Jesus’ transfiguration on the mountain. This year, we will read Luke’s account of when Jesus took three of his disciples—Peter, James, and John—up on a mountain, where Moses and Elijah appeared, and Jesus’s face and clothes became dazzlingly bright, and the voice of God spoke identifying him as God’s own beloved Son. This revelation of the eternal glory of the second person of the Trinity was normally veiled during Jesus’ time on earth, but here, before his passion, those closest to Jesus are given a glimpse that will strengthen them for the journey ahead. It was a moment of spectacular power before a time of challenge.

On Ash Wednesday, our bishop will be with us for the beginning of a Holy Lent, and I look forward to seeing and being with you as we begin our journey together, following Jesus.



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