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Dear Cathedral Family,

God’s call to listen, believe, and follow is the message in our readings from scripture this Sunday. The young Samuel hears God calling in the temple and learns how to respond. Philip and Nathanael hear that Jesus is the Messiah and are willing to seek him out and then to follow him.

Each of us has a unique experience of the same call—to be servants of the living God and followers of Jesus. The continual requirement of heeding our call is the willingness we see in these men to “go and see,” to listen carefully and well, and to persist in seeking God’s Word and will.

In our present time of continuing challenge, these examples from the biblical witness call us to renew our commitment to the Way of Love that Jesus shows us. We can do this by listening carefully, patiently, and persistently to the voices around us in our world.

Above all, we are called to pray—for wisdom and for courage to love and to be faithful in following Jesus.

May you know God’s peace,



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