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Celebrating Black History Month

This Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany is the first Sunday in February, the month established in the United States for honoring African Americans and raising awareness of Black history.

Our worship this week draws special attention to the sacred music that has long been one of the many gifts shared with all Christians by African Americans. From traditional spiritual songs such as “There is a Balm in Gilead” to more recent arrangements by New Orleans native Moses Hogan, our worship will be deepened and strengthened by the gifts of generations of Black musicians. In all of our music on this day, we will find the shaping influence of African American spiritual music on our shared traditions.

We are honored this Sunday to be led in our musical worship by noted Mobile musicians soprano Joyce Sylvester and the members of the long-standing institution of the Excelsior Band.

We are delighted also to welcome the members of the Mobile Kappa League, mentored by our own Carl Cunningham, Jr. The proceeds of our Jazz Brunch following worship will go to support their preparations for college entrance. We are thankful for the many years of relationship we have enjoyed with this fine organization.

A newer group, born during the pandemic, also joins us for worship this Sunday—the MobPacers, a walking group devoted to mutual support in physical and spiritual wellness. Their focus on health and wholeness is directly in keeping with the theme of the 2022 Black History Month—Black Health and Wellness.

Christ Church Cathedral gives thanks for the gifts of African Americans shared with our community throughout our history, as we look forward to a future of greater justice and peace among all people, in which the dignity of every human being is respected.




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