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To Redeem the World

Later in the day I wrote the message below, we heard of the shocking tragedy at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Our hearts ache again for the violent taking of innocent lives, and we ask God again how long the people of our nation must live with the fear unleashed by hatred. The people of Uvalde now join the people of Buffalo in trying to answer their children's questions about who can live in safety in our world. We know that the God of peace grieves and questions with us, and that God hears our prayers and longs to soften the hearts of those guided by hatred and self-interest. This Sunday, we will pray together for those who have died, for those who mourn, and for our nation and our world. We will dedicate ourselves again to Christ's mission of love, peace, and welcome to little children and all who come to him seeking life and hope. May we all know God's peace.



Dear Cathedral Family,

As we head into the Memorial Day Weekend, we also come to the close of the Great Fifty Days of Easter. This has been a lively and joy-filled Easter season here at Christ Church Cathedral, even as events of the world continue to bring more violence, hatred, and lack of respect for human dignity to our attention. Our prayers and readings from scripture remind us that the driving purpose of the God of love and peace is to redeem the world. Our faith calls us to hold fast to that vision as we pray and work to be part of its accomplishment.

My weekly messages to you in this email will be on hiatus for the months of June and July, as we transition to our summer schedule and clergy and staff take their vacation times. You will continue to receive a weekly email with worship materials and streaming links, as well as news and information about goings on here at the Cathedral.

I hope that this summer will be a time of renewal for the whole Cathedral Family, as that we may return to our shared ministries with energy and enthusiasm for the year ahead.




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