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Small Steps

Dear Cathedral Family and Friends,

Jesus told the parable of the talents to teach the importance of continuing to tend, work, and grow the gifts entrusted to us, especially in challenging times when we are unsure of what the future will bring. Those who use what they have will find abundance, while those who do not will lose what little they have.

If we wait for all conditions to be favorable, or for the world to be to our liking, before we engage our talents, then we will have failed to be good and faithful servants to our master.

Taking small steps every day may not satisfy our desire for sweeping change or grand gestures or a sudden return to “normal,” but small steps are the only way forward in faith. The Greek philosopher Zeno said that wellbeing is realized by small steps, but it is no small thing. Small steps create great things.

In working to remain faithful in our discipleship during this time of pandemic, we have been called to a ministry of “small steps” in engaging in life together. First, we learned to live stream our worship. Then, we learned how to work together remotely in small groups. Eventually, we learned how to worship safely in person together in smaller numbers and shorter times.

In our engagement with our community, we began with the small step of opening our campus to the MOB Pacers, and through the good work of our Baptized For Life team, we have continued to grow in that relationship through small steps.

And we continue, as we are able, to engage safely in opening our nursery and offering opportunities for connection for our children and youth. Next week, we will begin a sign-up for beginning Children’s Chapel during the first portion of Sunday worship. Our Children and Youth Program Team has done faithful and creative work in finding ways to engage our youngest members. Audrey Cunningham has led a Zoom discussion group with youth. Young families gathered for safe “treating” at the Cathedral at Halloween. You will find in this newsletter information about the CY Team plan for a food drive in the near future. At the other end of the age spectrum, the Morning Circle has found a way that they may safely gather at the cathedral for prayer, study, and fellowship.

Such things may not seem like “enough” in a world suffering from pandemic, wounded by racial strife, and divided by politics. But it is only by small steps that we will build the faith to build the world that God dreams into being through us. Small steps become no small thing.




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