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The Good Shepherd

Dear Cathedral Family,

Easter continues, and we continue to walk out into the world in the newly risen life Christ brings each one of us.

This fourth Sunday of Easter is always “Good Shepherd Sunday.” It is a reminder that the One who found us when we needed help and healing also calls and leads us forward—and remains always ready to find and help us again when we get into difficulty or lose our way.

This is a threshold season in many of our lives. For young people, the school year draws to a close, with some of you graduating into college or career. For others, life changes of all sorts come along, sometimes daunting or difficult. We need the assurance that the Good Shepherd is here with us—calling, leading, guiding, helping.

In our life together, we look forward to celebrating milestones and new beginnings. On Saturday, May 4, we will host the ordination of six new deacons for our diocese, and we will need many of you to be present as greeters and ministers of hospitality on that special day in our diocese. On Senior Sunday, May 5, in our worship we will pray for God’s blessing on our graduating seniors in the Cathedral Family and in the Kappa League, and we will celebrate them after the service with a cake some special hospitality. Later in May, we will finish out the Easter season with a special treat following the service on Mother’s Day, May 12, and the second annual Christ Church Cathedral/MOB Pacers 5K on Saturday, May 18, the day before Pentecost.

I hope that many of you will come to serve and celebrate on these occasions, as we continue to follow the One who calls us each by name.




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