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Dear Cathedral Family,

Mid-May brings us near the ending of the school year, and for many of our young people and their families this is a time of transition from one way of living and learning into new adventures and challenges. We celebrated the achievements and prayed for the new endeavors of our graduating seniors last Sunday, giving thanks for the faithfulness of their families, mentors, and teachers. We will continue to pray for them during the months of change ahead.

This Sunday will be our first Children’s Communion Sunday, when we will recognize our younger children who have been learning about Holy Communion this spring. They will be seated with their families in the front pews during our worship and will come forward first at the appropriate time to receive the Eucharist. After the service, we will celebrate this time of learning and growth in their lives by enjoying cake together in the Chapter House.

For all of us, May begins a season of transition into the summer rhythms of the Gulf coast. Two years of change and upheaval in our routines has left us all in great need of the rest and renewal that summer’s more relaxed time can bring. I am thankful for everyone in the Cathedral Family who has worked so hard to prepare for and carry out the full experience of Holy Week and Easter along with special events this spring—special services, ordinations, confirmation, Senior Sunday, and more.

While we are soon to move into a time of much needed rest and renewal for clergy, staff, and volunteers here at Christ Church Cathedral, this summer will also be a season of preparation for the program year ahead at the end of summer. Look for more information in the next couple of weeks about summer opportunities and activities for the Cathedral Family.




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