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Dear Cathedral Family,

On this Seventh Sunday of Easter, the Sunday after Ascension Day, we will honor our graduating high school seniors and the young men of the Mobile Kappa League. In our worship, we will give thanks for their lives among us, and we will offer our prayers and support for them as they venture out into the world to build their lives. Our young people will serve as readers, and we will also hear from the Kappa League leadership about their experiences.

After our worship, volunteers from the Cathedral Family will serve a take-out style version of our annual Kappa League Brunch. The proceeds of this fundraiser go to support college entrance test preparations for Kappa League members. If you have not already, it is not too late to support this important ministry through a donation made online, by mail, or in the alms basin.

In our gospel lesson this Sunday, we will hear Jesus pray for his disciples, who would be assuming his mission in the world after his resurrection and ascension. He prays that they should remain united in love with one another and with Jesus and the Father. Jesus acknowledges that the world they will enter will be harsh and hard, but they will have divine protection and they will also know great joy.

The young people we are sending out into the world are Jesus’ disciples, too. And Jesus’ prayer is also for them. We join our prayers to his, as we pray that they will remain grounded in the love in which they were nurtured and that they may know the strength and joy found in shared life in Christ.




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