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May We All Be One

Dear Cathedral Family,

Last week was a Spirit-filled time of celebration in the life of Christ Church Cathedral, and I am deeply thankful for the servant ministry of the Cathedral Family to our diocese as well as your faithfulness and leadership in our parish ministries.

Well over 300 people from throughout our diocese were present on Saturday for the ordination of six new deacons in The Episcopal Church. Greeters, ushers (including the young men of the Mobile Kappa League), hospitality helpers, altar guild, musicians and more worked together in making it a wonderful day of worship and celebration.

Then on Sunday morning, we celebrated the baptism of the newest member of the household of God here at Christ Church, Katie McGugin, and gave thanks and offered prayers for our high school graduates, again including the seniors of the Kappa League.

On Sunday afternoon, Kate Watkins and her parents Lissa and Jay welcomed 17+ of our EYC members (and several parents) for an afternoon of Cinco de Mayo lunch and fellowship at Point Clear. Here at the Cathedral, local elementary students sang and celebrated the retirement of our own Monica Beasley as their art teacher.

All of this is just a taste of the sweetness of our life together as the Body of Christ. In his intercessory prayer for all of us in John’s gospel, Jesus asks the Father “that they all may be one, as we are one.” In times like those we enjoyed last weekend, we can experience that oneness. Then we carry it with us out into the world, where we meet many challenges and obstacles to our unity and sense of belonging to God and to each other. That is when we rely most on the power of the Spirit to guide us and keep us true.

While this Sunday after the Ascension will be less event-filled, it will still be a special day, as the Easter season draws to a close and as we give thanks for and celebrate all the mothers in our lives. I hope that many of you will be in church with your families, both those of birth and those of grace and choice. We will have a little special treat after worship during our time of hospitality.



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