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Love One Another

Dear Cathedral Family,

This Saturday morning, before ordaining six new deacons for our diocese, our bishop will continue his practice of meeting with the ordinands in the chapel to wash their feet. When he does this, Bishop Russell is following the command that Jesus gave his disciples to do for one another what he had done for them. It is a powerful physical act of humility, service, and love. And it is a reminder of the power of water and the Holy Spirit that we all share in our baptism.

On Sunday morning, when we gather for worship, young Katie McGugin will experience that power of water and the Holy Spirit in her baptism. Along with her parents and godparents, all of us will promise to do our part help her grow into a follower of Jesus, showing her how to live into the baptismal promises made for her on Sunday. Then, when she is old enough, Katie will assume responsibility for keeping her promises in her confirmation.

This lifelong pattern has been followed by generations of followers of Jesus here at Christ Church. We offer our prayers for little ones at font, and we watch them grow, quickly. This Sunday before communion we will celebrate the ones who have grown up and come to the time of high school graduation. We will give thanks for their lives, pray for them as they begin the next stage of their journeys, and remind them that we will always love them and welcome them home. And then after church, we will have some cake!

Sundays like this one are poignant reminders of the great privilege we enjoy as the Cathedral Family in loving and caring for one another and raising up generations of faithful servants of our Lord. It all begins with water and the Holy Spirit.



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