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Love One Another

Dear Cathedral Family,

The extraordinary program year of 2020-21 draws to a close in May. On Sunday, May 16, we will celebrate, give thanks, and offer our prayers for our graduating seniors and their families, and we will celebrate and support the good work of the young men of the Mobile Chapter of the Kappa League in our annual fundraiser brunch, this year in take-out format. The following Sunday, May 24, will be the feast of Pentecost, celebrating the gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church and marking the end of Easter. After May 30, Trinity Sunday (on Memorial Day weekend), we will enter the long season of Ordinary Time.

This Sunday, May 6 (Mother’s Day), Jesus gives us his commandment—to love one another as he has loved us. His love for us is so great that he laid down his life so that we might live, fully and in abundance and with joy. Our gratitude and our love for him compel us to the love he commands. As 1 John 5.3 reminds us, “His commandments are not burdensome.” In his command to love, we come to know true joy.

As we give thanks for and celebrate our young people this season, and all mothers this Sunday, we are especially aware of the great joy to be found in loving, caring for, and nurturing all our children. This is our highest calling, not only as parents and grandparents and godparents, but also as the whole community of the people of God.



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