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Life in Community

Dear Cathedral Family,

I appreciate and am thankful for the effort so many of you make to gather here at Christ Church Cathedral. In a world spinning with work, school, sports, family obligations, community events and more, keeping sacred the commitment to Christian community is work. Holy work but work all the same. Being present with each other, to each other, for each other is not just the natural result of good intentions when so many forces (not all of them negative or destructive) act to keep us apart.

Feeling and knowing the presence of Jesus is something we tend to think of as personal and private. In truth, it is strongest when we are together as the Body of Christ—to worship, to learn, and to serve each other and all others. In our gospel reading this Sunday, Jesus tells his followers, “Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.” His words are the culminating statement of a series of lessons from scripture that are concerned with the communal life of the people of God and how that life spills over into the life of the whole world.

This Sunday is Rally Day, the day that marks our return to the fullness of our life together after a more dispersed summer season. This email is filled with information about our shared life here at Christ Church Cathedral—worship, formation, service in community. I hope that you will be present in the Body this Sunday to launch the beginnings of our 200th year as the people of God in this place.




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