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Laetare Sunday

Dear Cathedral Family,

This fourth Sunday in Lent is known as “Laetare Sunday,” or sometimes “Refreshment Sunday,” the time to “rejoice” at the halfway point of the Lenten journey. Our readings contain images of healing and light, signs of God’s mercy and of hope.

This restrained rejoicing is especially appropriate this year, as we find ourselves now at the one-year mark of living with the pandemic. While we rejoice in increasing vaccination and decreasing case numbers, we continue to proceed cautiously in our gatherings and shared life, doing all we can to ensure each other’s safety and to assist in the work of ongoing healing.

We have been continually aware over the last year of the historic significance of this difficult time. This Sunday we have invited Cathedral friend and photographer Cindy McCrory to come and take photos of “how we worship now.” These photos will be added to the archive of almost 200 years of Christ Church history, documenting what we hope will be a never-repeated year of masked and socially distanced worship.

As our protocols will not change for Easter this year, we are planning for multiple services that will accommodate as many people as would like to attend in-person worship on this holiest day of the Christian year. We will have a choir, as well as a procession, and the flowered cross will be up. While we will continue to miss the joy of a “full house” and robust congregational singing, we give thanks that we will be able to gather, remembering the loss of shared worship last year. Look for more information, as well as sign-up opportunities, in the weeks ahead.

Regular in-person Children’s Chapel resumes this Sunday, and choir practice has also resumed! Both are rays of light in our life together after a year of darkness. Jesus has much to say in this Sunday’s gospel reading about loving and coming to the light. We will rejoice together at the light’s appearing!



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