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Keystone Habits

Dear Cathedral Family and Friends,

This week marked the delayed start of both Centering Prayer with The Rev. Marshall Craver and the Dean’s Bible Study. As we continue to reorient our life together during this prolonged time of social distancing, we are learning new ways to ground ourselves in prayer and Scripture. This habit is vital in the times we live in.

The Children and Youth Program Team continues their good work in charting ways to bring that same grounding to our youth and families with children. This week, in addition to planning monthly activities for families through yearend, they also planned to begin a gentle program of Bible reading that families can use in ways that work in their lives right now. Youth will have the opportunity to engage together with a mentor in the same slowly paced reading of the biblical story of God’s promises that is being followed by adults. More information on these plans will be coming soon.

In this Sunday’s gospel reading, Jesus tells the parable of the “wicked tenants” who destroy their master’s vineyard and kill his son; he speaks of himself (the Son sent by his Father) as the “cornerstone,” the keystone on which the whole structure of God’s people and kingdom relies.

In this time of prolonged waiting, we have the opportunity to ground ourselves in “keystone” habits of prayer and slow, reflective Scripture reading. These habits can make all the difference in how we respond to the challenges we face and in how we emerge from this extraordinary period in our lives. My prayer is that each of you will find the best way for you to put Christ at the center of your life and your days—leaving less room for more distracting, destructive, and divisive noise.

May you know God’s peace,



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