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Keep Me In Your Prayers

Dear Cathedral Family,

Thank you to everyone who made last Sunday’s Cathedral Celebration such a wonderful day of welcome and hospitality. We welcomed two new children of God into the Cathedral Family; eight youth confirmands accepted and affirmed their baptismal promises, and six adults were received and welcomed into this part of the household of God. We are blessed indeed with vitality and health.

This Sunday we will honor and pray for our high school seniors as they come to the time of high school graduation. In addition to our youth in the Cathedral Family, we will welcome and give thanks for graduating members of the Kappa League. We have watched all of these young people grow and mature, and no doubt we have learned more from them and gained more from their presence among us than they know. Now we will pray them on their way to life’s next chapter, sending our love and prayers and God’s Word along with them.

This Sunday will be my last Sunday with you before my sabbatical begins on Monday, May 1. I am deeply grateful and thankful for the opportunity to take this time away to renew and deepen my calling, and I look forward to returning to the next chapter of my ministry as your Dean in August. Our excellent lay leadership, staff, and visiting clergy will take good care of our life together in my absence, and I am thankful for each of them and the gifts they bring to the Cathedral Family.

I will keep you all in my daily prayers during my time away, and I hope to be in yours.



Prayer for the Dean’s Sabbatical:

God of our pilgrimage, whose Son commanded the wind and waves to be still, and in whom we find the peace that passes understanding: grant that in this sabbatical Beverly may hear your still, small voice, and return to us refreshed and sustained. Amen.


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