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Justice and Healing

Dear Cathedral Family and Friends,

Protests, riots, and violence have shaken our nation over the past weeks, and every community in America is being called to heed and address the cries for justice and healing.

If we are serious about beginning the process of racial reckoning in our community, nation, and world, then we must begin by working together to understand where we are in our present racial moment and how we got here. One of the best ways of deepening our understanding is by reading and discussing together books that will enlighten, inform, and challenge us.

Earlier this year, Cathedral Family member Dr. Carl Cunningham, Jr. graciously agreed to facilitate discussion this summer of Brian Stevenson’s book Just Mercy. Many of you are familiar with Stevenson’s Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, Alabama; you may have heard him speak or watched the movie adaptation of his book. He will be the keynote speaker at our diocesan Jubilee Celebration in December of this year. Discussion of Stevenson’s work could not be more timely or urgent.

This email contains a link to the Zoom discussion that begins this Tuesday evening and continues through July 14. I strongly encourage you all to read Just Mercy and to enter thoughtful conversation about the issues it raises.

As the Cathedral of our diocese, the Mother Church among Protestants in Alabama, and a leading congregation in Mobile, we have a special responsibility to engage actively in racial reconciliation and justice. Please pray for our leaders and for discernment about how each of us can be part of sharing the healing power of Christ’s love during this time.




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