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Guard the Treasure

Dear Cathedral Family,

After two years of caution and limited public events, life feels like it has come roaring back this fall. Trips, family gatherings, sports, social and school events and all sorts of other opportunities are happening in our lives. All of this is wonderful, but also sometimes too much. We are happy to do things we missed during the pandemic, but we may also find ourselves missing some of the quieter time we enjoyed then.

The challenge is to embrace this new fall season’s gifts without submitting to the tyranny of the over-full schedule. Writing to the young and probably enthusiastic Timothy, Paul counseled, “Guard the good treasure entrusted to you.” One way to guard the treasure of Christ’s dwelling with us is to keep sacred some time for reflection and listening, so that we can hear God’s call to us free from the noise of our activity.

Presence in Sunday worship and daily time for scripture and prayer are certainly core ways to guard that treasure, and we also have several other opportunities for reflection and listening here at Christ Church Cathedral this October.

This Sunday after worship, those of you who read or listened or watched some (or all) of Richard Rohr’s The Universal Christ this summer are invited to gather in the Huger Meeting Room for conversation and reflection on what Rohr has to offer the Church in the present time. Later Sunday afternoon, those of you with animal companions are invited to bring them to our courtyard at 4 p.m. for blessings and treats in observance of the feast of St. Francis later this week.

Next Sunday, October 9, after worship, folks who are “new” to Christ Church (which now means whatever you want it to mean) are invited to a time of hospitality and fellowship in the Brantley Parlor. The following Sunday, October 16, at 4 p.m. the Cathedral Choir will kick off their season with a Friends of Cathedral Music concert in the church, followed by a time of light hospitality.

I hope that one of these gatherings might be a time of reflection and connection for you, as we seek to “guard the treasure” of our shared life in Christ.




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