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Dear Cathedral Family,

Last Saturday was a great and energetic day here at the Cathedral, as we hosted the Diocesan Acolyte Festival for the first time since before the pandemic. Young people and adults from throughout the diocese gathered for a day of learning, fun, and fellowship at their Cathedral—learning about the richness of our liturgical tradition while also engaging the energies of God-connectedness so accessible to the young. Our prayer, and the purpose of our work as the Church, is that they keep the energy of that connection all their lives.

For those of us who are older, one of the ways to keep (or reconnect) contact with this deep awareness of God’s presence is through spending time with younger people. Helping them to learn about and carry forward our deep tradition in a changing world is a gift for us all. Thanks to all the adults, from the Cathedral Family and throughout the diocese, who were here on Saturday and whose loving work made the day not only possible but a happy success.

In our gospel reading this Sunday, Jesus asks his disciples who the world says he is—in order, really, to ask them next who THEY say he is. Jesus asks you and me the same thing: “Who do YOU say that I am?” He wants us to know him in the same way his first disciples did: as both the Messiah emerging from a long, rich tradition AND as the living God, as Christ present personally and intimately in our lives.

Let’s keep connected.




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