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Christ is Risen!

“Alleluia! Christ is risen!” On Easter Day at Christ Church Cathedral, the oldest Protestant church in the state of Alabama, we gather to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, we join generations of worshipers who have joined in this Easter proclamation in this sacred place on this most significant Christian holy day.

Imagine the moments in history seen by that “cloud of witnesses”—times of wars and of longed-for peace, times of economic hardship and of great prosperity, times of national or personal crisis and of joy and celebration. If we place ourselves within the context of those worshippers and their moments in time, we may gain a new perspective on the matters we carry in our hearts today. We may also gain strength and courage from the prayers and the hopes and dreams that linger all around us. This year our prayers are especially focused on the peace of our whole world during these times of violence and uncertainty. We also pray especially for the people and leaders of Ukraine, Russia, and all of Europe.

Our worship Easter Day also takes us outside of time, into the eternal life of God, as we hear the words of scripture, sing the psalms and hymns, and say the ancient creeds and prayers. We will be lifted to other dimensions through the music. We will be drawn into the sacred mystery of the Eucharist.

Whether this is will be your first visit to Christ Church or the repeating of long-standing tradition for you, I am glad that you are with us this day and extend the welcome of the Vestry and the whole Cathedral Family to you. We welcome also those who worship with us virtually via live stream.

I wish you all the joys of Easter’s Good News: may you know and follow the Risen Christ in loving and serving the world.




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