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Celebrating our Seniors and our Mothers

Dear Cathedral Family,

This Sunday will be both Senior Sunday and Mothers’ Day, and in our time together we will celebrate, give thanks, and pray for our graduating high school seniors as well as their parents and mentors.

Some of our young people will read the lessons and have other leadership roles in worship, and after the peace, our Cathedral graduates along with the graduating members of the Kappa League will be invited to come forward with their parents and mentors to receive a blessing, prayers, and a token of our love for them.

And, of course, it’s Mothers’ Day. We will give thanks in our prayers for all our mothers and mother figures, and there will be a special musical tribute to a mother’s love by one of our youngest singers before the opening hymn. So, don’t be late!

Following our worship we will enjoy a special lunch together, both in the Chapter House and the garden, with fried chicken and a special libation.

So much love and good work on the part of so many people went into making last Sunday’s Cathedral Celebration at our bishop’s visit such a beautiful day. We are thankful for the loving care of parents, teachers, and mentors in preparing our young people for confirmation. We also welcome into the Cathedral Family our adult confirmands. As Bishop Russell said to everyone last Sunday, “Thank you for saying, ‘Yes.’”

Next Sunday will be a special Children’s Communion Sunday, as we recognize the communion preparation that our younger children have been engaging in this year. Look for more details to come in the week ahead.

As May moves on toward June, look for news about Summer at the Cathedral: V.B.S., summer multi-generational events, choir and singing workshops, and more. The Fifty Days of Easter are Great, indeed. And we look forward to continued life and growth together as we move toward Pentecost and beyond.




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