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Be Present

Dear Cathedral Family,

Last Sunday’s Rally Day launch of our new program year was a wonderful time of returning to our life together and reconnecting to each other and to the various ministries that support our shared mission as followers of Jesus. If you have not yet signed up for some group or ministry, you may do so online by following the links provided in this email.

Especially for those of you who are parents, filling out the information pages for your child(ren) is an important step in getting connected to what will be going on in the year ahead. But THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is to be present and involved along with your children, as often as possible. The experience of learning and community building in Sunday School, of serving as acolytes, and of engaging in EYC builds the foundation for a lasting life of faith. And when they see YOU also engaged and involved, they begin to understand the significance of Christian community over a lifetime.

The readings from scripture that we will explore together this Sunday are familiar but also complex and kinetic, inviting us continually to re-engage with their wisdom and to strive toward living their deep truth in our lives. In other words, you can never just arrive at a single, simple truth for living—it is a dynamic and continual process throughout life. You can never “graduate” from faith formation, only keep moving and growing.

As we move into our third century as the people of God here in Christ Church, we commit ourselves to preparing our children to become the next generation of leaders and stewards of this sacred place. And that work begins with recommitting ourselves to our own engagement with the life of faith in community.




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