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A New Way

Dear Cathedral Family,

In this Sunday’s gospel reading, Jesus prepares his disciples for change and a new way of living, when he will no longer be with them in the way they know. Looking forward to his return to the Father, he promises them that “the Advocate, the Holy Spirit,” will come to “make our home with them.” And he promises to leave them his peace, a gift the world cannot give them. Jesus says, “I have told you this before it occurs, so that when it does occur, you may believe.”

Jesus constantly prepared his followers for the change and new life ahead, for what he knew would happen, but they did not. One of the great gifts of the Word is that, through its power, we are also prepared for what lies ahead for us, for the change and new life of a future we cannot see.

Next Thursday, May 26, will be Ascension Day, forty days after the resurrection, the day commemorating Jesus’ return to the Father. Then, on the fiftieth day after Easter, we will celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost. We know that these days in the life of Jesus and the life of the Church are coming soon. And we know that in the traditional rhythms of church life we are headed into a slower season during the summer months. However, these last years of pandemic life have, if anything, prepared us to hold our expectations and plans loosely, to be prepared for a “new normal” and a new way of living.

After an active season of energy and growth culminating in a series of spring celebrations, we now look toward summer. Here at Christ Church Cathedral this will be a time of resetting our schedules, taking a break from some of our usual activities, and seeking renewal in time away from routines. It will also be a season of looking forward to and planning for the program year that will begin after Labor Day. We know these days are coming, although we do not know what they hold in store. We do know that Christ is with us, making his home with us and giving us the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

As we move into our summer lives, be on the lookout for more information coming about summer opportunities and preparations. And rest in the peace that Jesus has given us.




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