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200 Years of Mission

Dear Cathedral Family,

We are now one month away from the Bicentennial Celebration that will kick off our year of remembering two hundred years of mission in this place and reimagining who we are called to be as we move into the future. Have you made your R.S.V.P. yet?

Bicentennial Celebration chair Robby McClure and the team of talented and dedicated people working with him have planned a wonderful day of BEING TOGETHER, all of us from the youngest to the oldest, as God’s people in this place. Elizabeth Bemis-Gatter has planned an extra-special musical celebration for the day. Our worship will be a time of thanksgiving for all the saints who have come before us here at Christ Church and of prayer for the grace and strength we need to be faithful stewards of all that has been given to our care.

There is still work to be done and final preparations to be made for the day. Please sign up to be part of one of the Cathedral Work Days on the Saturdays of October, volunteer to help with some element of the day, and by all means plan to be present (and let us know you will be here.)

This day will be the beginning of a year to consider what it means to be the inheritors of this place and its mission. While we honor the servant leaders who preceded us, we also may question some of their decisions and choices. In doing so, we approach our own decisions and choices with humility, knowing that we are also people of our time—limited in our perception and vision and yet motivated by the same love of God and desire to be faithful.

This bicentennial year offers us the opportunity to reflect on the tremendous changes in the world and in the Church that this place has seen. It also calls us to prepare as best we are able, with God’s help, for the tremendous changes that will come with the next centuries. How are you being called to do your part?



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