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16th Cathedral Celebration!

Dear Cathedral Family,

This April marks the sixteenth anniversary of Christ Church’s naming as the cathedral of our diocese. We will remember this anniversary in our prayers this Sunday, when our bishop will be with us for his annual parochial visit. We are most fully who we are as Episcopalians and as the cathedral church when our bishop is present and presiding at our worship.

Bishop Russell Kendrick will preach and celebrate at our regular 10:00 a.m. worship this Sunday, and at a separate service following, he will confirm and receive eight members of the Cathedral Family. Our youth confirmands are: William Coleman, Livy Ferguson, Alex Gamble, and Stephen Griffith. Adults being received are: Kathy Kelly, J.D. and Laura Reiner, and Christina Rhodes. Please keep them in your prayers as they make this important affirmation of their faith, and welcome those of them who are new among us to the Cathedral Family.

As we continue to walk forward into the resurrection life together, we will be exploring together new callings and new ways of being the Church, Christ’s Body, in the post-pandemic world. While remembering our past, we turn toward our unfolding future with prayerful anticipation and open curiosity. I look forward to walking with you in the weeks and months ahead.




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