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The Universal Christ:
How a Forgotten Reality Can Change Everything
We See, Hope For, and Believe

by Richard Rohr

This summer we hope to read together each week and rediscover Jesus and learn to experience Christ in every thing.  Many of us feel disconnected by difficult times, longing for ways to awaken God’s love in ourselves and the world. The reality we face is simple yet difficult—the healing of the world hinges upon honoring the inherent sacredness of the world and every one in it.  For the next nine weeks we will share resources around Richard Rohr's book The Universal Christ.  Purchase the format of the book you prefer using this link

 We will gather in September to share time together to discuss how we have grown. 

The Summer Cathedral Read is being sponsored by the Baptized for Life Team.

The Universal Christ Summer Reading Schedule

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Christ is not Jesus' last name.
Christ has existed "from the beginning",
so the Christ cannot be the same as Jesus.
Week of June 26
This week we are reading Chapter 4 - Original Goodness and Chapter 5 - Love Is the Meaning (pgs. 55-80).
Week of June 19
This week we are reading Chapter 2 - Accepting That You Are Fully Accepted and Chapter 3 - Revealed In Us-as Us (pgs. 25-53).

Week of June 12
Before We Begin and Chapter 1 - Christ is Not Jesus' Last Name (pgs. 1-23).
Reading Resources

Use this link to browse the Universal Christ website.

Use this link to join Richard Rohr's podcast; Another Name for Every Thing.  

Here is a link to his introduction to the podcast