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New Beginnings

Dear Cathedral Family,

As the 81st General Convention of The Episcopal Church concludes on June 28, I hope that you will pray for the safe return of all deputies and bishops to their home dioceses, especially our own Jill Showers Chow and the deputation from the Central Gulf Coast.

Please also include in your prayers the newly elected 28th Presiding Bishop, The Rt. Rev. Sean Rowe, bishop of Northwest Pennsylvania and bishop provisional of Western New York. He will begin his term on November 1. You may learn more about him here and see Bishop Russell’s remarks on his election here.

Carsten Kennedy, a member of the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, attended General Convention as part of the Official Youth Presence, and he will share his experience with us in the sermon on July 21.

I hope that you have seen the official announcement of Deacon Pratt Paterson’s arrival as part of the Cathedral Family beginning Sunday, July 7. You can see that announcement here.

This is a time of many new beginnings in our church, and we have much to be thankful for amid much change. I hope that your celebrations of our country’s birth and history this week will be a time of thanksgiving for the freedoms we enjoy and the responsibilities we share as citizens. Our offices will be closed this week to allow our staff to enjoy this summer holiday, and we will reopen on Monday, July 8 at 9 a.m.

Have a safe and blessed 4th of July week.




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