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John 3:16

Dear Cathedral Family,

God loved the world so much that he came in person, in the Son, Jesus, to experience all of its joy and suffering. Even now, after Jesus’ death, resurrection, and ascension—when we can no longer see him in bodily form—he is still present in the light that lives in every human being. Graffiti is a sign reminding us of things we can’t see: who was here before, who isn’t visible to us, who wants to be known, what someone wants others to remember. If John 3:16 becomes graffiti, it is a reminder that Jesus has been here, is here still, and that God still does love the world, so much. I hope that you can take some time in the middle of your day to join together in reflection and prayer about how, with God’s help, we can see and be the light in the world right now.




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