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Dear Cathedral Family,

This Sunday is the fourth Sunday in Lent, also known as “Laetare” Sunday. Laetare is Latin for rejoice and comes from the traditional antiphon for the day from Isaiah 66:10— “Rejoice, Jerusalem and all who love her; rejoice with her in joy, all you who mourn over her.” It is the rose or pink Sunday in this purple season, as the third Sunday of Advent is the pink Sunday in that indigo season. On this day, at the midway point to Easter, we pause and lighten the penitential mood of Lent in order to refresh ourselves for the journey ahead.

The gospel lesson for this Sunday is one we conventionally call the parable of the prodigal son, but as the late, great teacher and preacher Fred Craddock contended, it is better and more truly known in gospel terms as the parable of the loving father. It is fundamentally a teaching story about joy and how and where it is to be found.

In our life together here at Christ Church Cathedral we have much reason for joy. Our many young children bring the sights and sounds of joy into our gathering each week. Our renewed time of hospitality together after worship feels like genuine celebration of our love for each other. Our supper clubs are returning to their times together for table fellowship and laughter. If you haven’t yet joined in, it is never too late!

The Easter life we look toward this year is one of great, new promise—even though the events of our world continue to be dark and troubling. As Christians, we find meaning, hope, and strength in worship, breaking bread, and prayers together. And we can also find joy here. Come and see.




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