I Will Not Leave You Orphaned

Updated: May 22

Dear Cathedral Family and Friends,

This Sunday, as Jesus prepares his disciples for their time of separation from him, he tells them, “I will not leave you orphaned. I am coming to you.” He gives them hope. He assures them that they will not be stranded alone during the time they can no longer see him.

Jesus is saying the same thing to us now. He will not leave us separated from each other forever, even though it may be starting to feel that way. We may be apart from each other during this time of social distancing and being safer at home, but we will come together again.

As we approach the date set by our bishop in his direction to suspend in-person worship until May 31, please know that he is working together with the clergy and churches of our diocese to formulate a plan for our safe return to worshiping together in our church building. He will be sharing that plan and the possible dates of return to worship with church leadership soon.

In the weeks ahead, I will be working with staff and lay leadership here at Christ Church Cathedral to formulate a plan for our safe return to worship together, in keeping with guidelines being developed by the diocese. Your vestry will be in communication with you through our “Caring Tree” to hear your thoughts and feelings about returning to worship. I know that some of you are ready and eager to get through the door. Some of you are, and need to be, more cautious and to move more slowly. Our varying needs and speeds will be respected in what we do.

Given the ongoing presence and spread of the virus in our community, we will need to take many precautions that will affect the ways we are able to be together and to worship. It may well feel strange at first, but when we are finally able to be together, we will know that we are at home again, where the Father and the Son are with us all together.




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