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We believe that being a church member is the same as being a disciple.
That life in the Episcopal Church cultivates a depth
and commitment to following the way of Christ.
We look to our tradition for ways to live more deeply
into lives of prayer and spiritual practice.



For those under age 3, we recommend  The Rhyme Bible Storybook by L.J. Sattgast.  (This is the Bible that for the last couple of      years this Bible has been given at birth to our Cathedral babies.

For children through grade 3, we suggest the Spark Story Bible from Augsburg Fortress that we use in our Christian Formation classes.

For older youth we recommend Spark Bible NRSV from Spark House.

For adults we recommend the CBE Study Bible or, if you prefer the NRSV version we use in worship, we recommend the Harper Collins Study Bible.  

Lesson 1: Fall and Exile from the Garden of Eden

Lesson 2: Cain and Abel

Lesson 3: Abraham, Sarah, and God

Lesson 4: The Passover and Exodus From Egypt

Lesson 5: Troubles in the Wilderness

Lesson 6: Into the Promised Land

Lesson 7: Building Israel, Building the Temple of God

Lesson 8: Stories of Elijah

Lesson 9: God's People in Exile

Lesson 10: Ezekiel Gives Hope

Lesson 11: Isaiah Promises Peace and Salvation

Parents are their children’s first theology teachers. Parents teach their children about God and God's love for the world by example. Learning about God begins with wonder and curiosity. Children have a natural tendency to wonder about things--including God. Parents can talk with children about God throughout the day, during meals, in the car, reading books.




Fun Club/Middle School

Middle School/High School


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