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The Cathedral Family completed a two-year renovation

to make our buildings open and welcoming to all. 

We are making our main entrances accessible

and recognizable so that our campus reflects our philosophy. 


When Christ Church Cathedral embarked on a capital campaign several years ago, an important goal of the building project was ensuring that our spaces are accessible to all. We re-engineered entrances and added an elevator.  We hope to open spaces in the nave to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers. Here are some of the ways we seek to make our spaces accessible and hospitable to all.

Entrance ramps to the Cathedral and Chapter House accessed through the St. Emanuel Street garden are designed to be accessible to those with mobility issues or other physical limitations.

Inside the church, several pews are shortened to allow space for a wheelchair or walker: the first pews on either side of the center aisle, nearest the altar, and the pews near the baptismal font.


To receive communion during our 10:00 am service on Sunday mornings you will use the steps at the front of the church.  When you receive Communion at the altar, please use the center handrail as you ascend the steps. When you leave the altar descend the steps either in the Sacristy, where there is a handrail, or the Chapter House vestibule stairs in both places an usher will be available to assist you. 

If you are in a wheelchair or are otherwise not able to take Communion, please let an usher know that you'd like to receive Communion at your seat.  A priest and a chalice bearer will be happy to come to you during the administration of Communion.  




The church is equipped with listening devices for the hearing-impaired. The devices are in a basket in the Chapter House vestibule to the right of the altar.  Please ask an usher for one of these devices as you enter the church.

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Letters of transfer:

In the Episcopal Church, you officially become a member of a particular parish when you have your previous parish send a 'letter of transfer' to Christ Church Cathedral. It is important for you to know that you are welcome at everything Christ Church has to offer, no matter what--a letter of transfer is not required. If you consider yourself a member, you're a member!  If you do wish to provide a letter of transfer, however, please ask your current or former parish to send your letter to Carolyn Jeffers at Christ Church Cathedral, 115 S. Conception Street, Mobile, Alabama  36602. If you are coming from a tradition other than the Episcopal Church (or you are new to church altogether), just send Carolyn an email letting her know you would like to join Christ Church Cathedral.

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