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Dear Cathedral Family,

As Jesus calls his first disciples in our gospel lesson this Sunday, we marvel at his power. Peter and Andrew, James and John “immediately” left their previous life’s work and family commitments to follow Jesus. He must have radiated that light of hope described by the prophet Isaiah.

This is the same power Paul speaks of in his first letter to the Corinthians, the power of God that emerges from the cross of Christ and empowers us to proclaim the gospel. This is Good News in more ways than we can comprehend, not least because it frees us from our own limitations. We are saved not by our own doing, but by the power of God. Any ministry or service we do is powered not by our own doing, but by the power of Christ. As Paul says, this seems foolish to some, but it is saving grace for us.

In our annual meeting following worship this Sunday, you will hear the good news of our year-end giving, and we will give thanks for the grace of God working through you, God’s faithful people, to support our mission together. We will also look forward to a year of “Growing in Discipleship” together in 2023, as we challenge each other and support each other in our continuing growth.

Paul writes of the vital importance of Christ’s followers being of one mind and one purpose. I am thankful for the unity in the Spirit that we experience together as the Cathedral Family, and I look forward to serving Christ’s Church with you all in the year ahead.




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