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Marking the Beginning

Dear Cathedral Family and Friends,

Back in the time “before,” this Sunday after Labor Day would have been our “Rally Day.”  We would celebrate the beginning of a new program year with visits to Sunday School rooms for the children and youth and sign-up opportunities for various ministries for everyone else.  We would all crowd in the Chapter House together.  Obviously, we won’t be doing that this year.

Still, this Sunday we will be marking the beginning of this new, extraordinary program year.  As we have prayed and listened together over the last months, one of the things we have discerned is that we now have the opportunity to do less, better.  The pandemic has given us the gift of realizing the importance of prayer, spiritual deepening, and focused worship.

In this email you will find descriptions and links to offerings for the coming year that focus on those things.  Once again on Mondays at noon, the Rev. Marshall Craver will facilitate Centering Prayer, available via Zoom or by reservation in-person.  On Tuesdays at noon, I will be leading a Bible study following the great story of God’s promises through scripture, beginning with selections from the Old Testament in the fall and moving through selections from the New Testament in the winter and spring.  This will also be available via Zoom or reserved spaces in-person, and we will also share the contents as a podcast later.  On Wednesdays at noon, we will resume the Simple Presence Holy Eucharist in the church, via live stream or in-person with masks and social distancing.  No reservations are required to attend.

In separate emails, you will learn more about offerings for children and youth being prepared by our Children and Youth Team, for whose good work we are thankful.  You will learn more about opportunities being prepared by the Baptized for Life team.  And, there will be information coming from music director Christopher Powell about our musical programming for the upcoming year.

Please open and read your emails from us!  And if you think you are not receiving emails, please let us know!

It was wonderful to be back with you in church last Sunday, even with masks and distancing.  You will need to sign up each week via the Tuesday email, if you would like to attend.  If you cannot attend and would like to receive communion, please call or email to let us know that, too.

In the midst of life’s uncertainties, we have the confidence and trust that come from being held close by the love of God in Jesus Christ.

May you know God’s peace,



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