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Hurricane Sally

Dear Cathedral Family and Friends,

As I write this on Thursday, we are all dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sally. The best news is that we are all safe, even if uncomfortable and perhaps even overwhelmed. I know that many of you have damage to your homes and loss to property and much to deal with in your lives right now.

Christ Church weathered the storm safely; we have only some debris to clear away, and we do have power and plan to have worship this Sunday at our usual time. We will live stream worship for those of you able to access the Internet, and our modified in-person worship will still be available. If you were unable to sign up this week and wish to attend, there will be some visitor seating available.

Our diocesan family to the east has suffered loss, with some churches sustaining water damage and many parishioners and clergy with damage and loss to their homes. We will pray for them and our whole human family in the midst of this trauma when we worship on Sunday.

Communication right now is spotty, and you may not receive this email until some time later. My own access to phone, text, and email comes and goes. We will continue to monitor voicemail messages and email here at the church. Please pass along any needs that you may have or know of.

We may feel like we are rolling through crisis after crisis, and our patience and tempers may be wearing thin. It is in times like these that our faith sustains us, that our love for each other and for our neighbors is the manifestation of the love of God. So, remember to breathe, to offer up prayers as they come to you, to care for others, and to rest in the loving promises of God.

May you know God’s peace,



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