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Dear Cathedral Family,

If you were not able to be present for last Sunday’s Black History Month Celebration, and you haven’t watched already, do yourself a great favor and go over to YouTube and spend some time with it. What an amazing, Spirit-filled day of music and togetherness! We are all thankful to Elizabeth Bemis-Gatter for her gathering and leadership of the many musicians whose gifts made the day glorious—the Stillman College Choir, the Excelsior Band, and our own Cathedral singers and choir (and even our own drummer.) Many, many thanks to all the greeters, cooks, servers, ushers, dishwashers, ticket-takers, vestry members—and the Cathedral staff—who made the day come together so well.

We welcomed 300+ people from throughout the local community and beyond, including our special friends and guests, the members of the Mobile Kappa League and their families. The brunch following worship raised over $4500 for Kappa League preparations for college entrance exams. The Cathedral Family has been enriched through many years of association with these fine young men, and we are thankful for the good work with them of our own Carl Cunningham, Jr.

This week we move on, deep into Carnival here on the corner of Church and St. Emanuel Streets. This Sunday, the Last Sunday after the Epiphany, is also known around here as “Joe Cain Day,” and the participants will be gathering around Christ Church as we worship this Sunday. You will need a purple parking pass to cross the barricades and park on the street this Sunday morning. We will forgo hospitality and other activities after church to move off the streets before the procession begins. Our offices will be closed on Monday and Tuesday, February 12 and 13, while festivities are in full swing.

Blessedly, Lent begins on Ash Wednesday next week. Bishop Russell Kendrick will join us that day at noon and 5:30 p.m. to preach and celebrate and invite us into the keeping of a holy Lent. I hope that many of you will be here in person, but please also know that the noon service will be live streamed. Look for an email on Wednesday with a complete listing of Lenten opportunities and aids available to the Cathedral Family.

In the meantime, stay safe and laissez les bons temps rouler!



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