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A Message from the Dean

Our campaign’s theme from the Letter of James reminds us that all we have is God’s gift to us, given so that a will to live may be born in us.  This year’s stewardship challenges us to grow into the people God is calling us to become.  We have the opportunity and responsibility to build a strong foundation for the coming years, as Christ Church enters her third century. 

Make an annual pledge for the work we'll do together in 2022 


Messages from The Cathedral Family

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What should I give?

The amount of your gift is less significant than what it represents: giving in proportion to what you have. The Bible teaches a standard called the “tithe,” which means “one tenth.” The members of Christ Church Cathedral's vestry have adopted the tithe as their own personal standard of giving. 

Choose a percentage of your income to pledge to Christ Church Cathedral. If your circumstances change during the year, you can always adjust the amount of your pledge. 



Where does my pledge go?

Ninety percent of this parish's budget is made possible by annual pledges. So pledges to Christ Church Cathedral make possible all our worship services, outreach and service, joint ventures with partner organizations, ministries to families, children and youth, Bible studies, classes, workshops, speakers, pastoral care, upkeep of our facilities--our ministry to the world. Every pledge, no matter the amount, counts.

About our online giving platforms


If you want to use our online giving platform, you may do so as a "guest," or set up a profile, which allows you to save information such as your name and your payment details. If you plan to make recurring gifts through this platform rather than through your own bank's BillPay service, you will need to set up a profile. A staff member will be happy to help you.

Need help?


If you'd like help with our online giving platform, a member of the parish staff is happy to walk you through the process. Or, you may email Brenda Stanton, Financial Secretary.

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