A Tour of the Windows of Christ Church Cathedral

Click here to read a story on the Cathedral windows in the Mobile Press-Register, August 12, 2012.

The window narrative begins at the south vestibule door facing the altar and proceeds clockwise. 

The Creation

“This is the day which the Lord hath made,
we will rejoice and be glad in it”  Psalm 118:24

This window was designed by J. Wippell and Co. of England.  The inscription reads: Given in love and Thanksgiving for the Gospel and Grace of God the Father by Henry Gilbert Brantley—Verger/Sexton...Christ Church...Easter 1979.

Washing the Feet of Jesus

This window was designed by the Franz Mayer Co. of Germany.  The inscription reads: To the Glory of God and in Loving Memory, Lollie Belle Jackson, January 13, 1960, and Theodore K. Jackson, September 24, 1945, and Laura Bryan Gould, December 9, 1949.

Jesus Blesses the Children

“Let the children come to me, and do not
hinder them; for to such belongs
the kingdom of heaven.”  Matthew 19:14

This window was also designed by the Franz Mayer Company.  The inscription reads: To the Glory of God and in loving Memory of Francis Barnard Clark, January 3rd, 1820-January 18th, 1910 and his wife Helen Mary Shepherd Clark, September 20th 1822-February 22, 1899, and their children: Gaylord Blair Clark, James Shepherd Clark, Francis Bernard Clark, junior, Willis Kennard Clark, Filmore Levert Clark, Bennet Laurie Clark, Louis Vadier Clark.  Dedicated by their grandchildren. The window was dedicated at the Centennial Celebration Service of the Diocese of Alabama.

Nicodemus Meeting Jesus at Night

“Rabbi, we know that thou art a Teacher
come from God.”  John 3:2

One of two Tiffany windows in Christ Church, the inscription reads: Edwin Macartney Born November 16, 1868-Died April 1, 1904.  His mother Josephine E. Macartney Born December 16, 1840-Died July 1, 1903.

The Marriage of Isaac and Rebecca

“And Isaac took Rebekah, and she became his wife;
and he loved her.”  Genesis 24:67

One of the first windows installed after the hurricane of 1906, this window was designed by the German company of Franz Mayer.  The inscription reads: To the Glory of God and in Loving memory of William Henry Ross Born December 8, 1819-Died October 17, 1903 and Mary Amanda Ross Born December 24, 1824-Died July 11, 1917.  Married November 4, 1845.  Memorial given by their daughter Jennie L. Ross. 

The Holy Communion

The  window  in the chancel area was designed by the Connick firm of Boston, Massachusetts.  Installed in March 1956, the inscription reads: To the Glory of God and in Loving memory of Corinne Glass Cook, June 15, 1892 - May 23,1953.  Jesus is depicted holding the Emanuel Chalice that is used at Christ Church Cathedral. 

The Baptism of Jesus

Prepare ye the way of the Lord.  Matthew 3:3

This window was made by D’Ascenzo Studios of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The inscription reads: To the glory of God and in memory of Willey Glover Creagh Kethchum and her daughters Clara Creagh Denis, Sarah Walthall Creagh, Amanda Creagh DeFord, Willey Glover Creagh.  The  marble baptismal font that dates from 1840 is located beneath this window.

Stilling the Tempest

Made in Germany by the Franz Mayer Company, this window was installed in 1955.  The inscription reads: To the Glory of God and in Loving memory of George Hamilton Dunlap, 1830-1907, Sallie Lightfoot Dunlap, 1846-1906, George Hamilton Dunlap, 1872-1947, George Hamilton Dunlap, 1911-1944.  The latter was killed at the Battle of the Bulge during World War II.

Jesus Meets Nathanael

This second Tiffany window was dedicated in 1936.  The inscription reads: Robert Middleton, a native of Aberdeen, Scotland, Born September 22, 1839, entered into everlasting life, 15th December 1911. Late Captain of the 21st Alabama Regiment, CSA.  Junior Warden April 13, 1893. Senior Warden April 4, 1894.  SS Superintendent 1883.  Christ Church Mobile, Alabama. 

The Miracle at Cana

This window is from the Franz Mayer Company.  The inscription reads:  In Memory of Sallie Ross Triplett by her daughters Helen Triplett, Nannie Triplett, Hallie Hall, and Amy Ledyard.  The window has the seal of the City of Mobile at the top and the seal of Christ Church at the bottom.

The Risen Lord

King of Kings, Lord of Lords.”   Revelation 17:14

Willet Studios of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania produced this window.  The inscription reads: Given to the Glory of God and in Loving memory of Norborne R. Clarke, junior  August 1, 1902-June 16, 1987 and his wife Margaret Reinhart Clarke  August 26, 1920-July 5, 1977. 

Windows in the vestibules

Miracle of Feeding the Five Thousand
“Jesus then took the loaves, and when he had
given thanks, he distributed them to those
who were seated; so also the fish,
as much as they wanted.”    John 6:11

This window was designed by the Willet-Hauser Architectural Glass firm of Winona, Minnesota.  The inscription reads:  To the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of George A. Carwie, Sr. And Amelia Ferniany Carwie, Dedicated Pentecost 2006.  The window, installed after the naming of Christ Church as Cathedral, bears the Christ Church Cathedral seal.

The Four Gospel Writers

The three windows in the north vestibule were also made by Willet-Hauser Architectural Glass firm of Winona, Minnesota and are the last to have been installed.  The top window depicting the four writers of the Gospels was given To the Glory of God and in  Memory  of  General Julian Wythe Whiting 1838-1917, Ida Lawler Whiting  August 8, 1850 - April 28, 1919.  The transom window depicts the symbols of the Gospel writers.  The inscription reads:  Wythe Lawler Whiting  October 6, 1884 - 1939, Virginia Herndon Whiting  November 20, 1890 - February 6, 1980.  The bottom window shows the flags that have flown over Mobile with a banner stating, “Into his gates with thanksgiving and into his courts with praise.” Psalm 100.  the inscription reads: Wythe L. Whiting, Jr.  October 11, 1912 - May 3, 1990, Corinne Glass Cook Whiting  January 12, 1914-November 24, 2008.